Lambretta Club Of Hong Kong AGM rideout

Back in Hong Kong and yesterday was time for AGM of our club, Lambretta Club of Hong Kong is now 7 years old and we celebrated it with a rideout and hot pot. The picture shows our Master Man and yes his engine is filled with Soulscooter stuff. Cheers,


9 Comments on “Lambretta Club Of Hong Kong AGM rideout”

  1. Rob says:

    Hi i live in HK my name is Rob, from the U.K. originally, i am a massive scooter fan, in particularly Lambrettas, been trying to contact someone from Lambretta club of HK or the HK Scooter power club recently but got no reply, can anyone help please, would like to me up with other scooter enthusiasts, contact details as below:

  2. soulscooter says:

    Hi Rob,
    Contact Calle on

    Ciao, Olof

  3. soulscooter says:

    Hi Rob,

    finally I’m back in Hong Kong from 3,5 weeks at our head quarters in Sweden. Let me know and let’s meet up.
    Cheers, all the best and full throttle!

  4. Rob says:

    Hi im sorry i took so long to get back to you, been busy as usual!, im Rob, from Edinburgh originally then London where i moved to in 1987, i was part of the British Mod revival in the early 1980s and then the scooterist scene in both Edinburgh and London, befotre going travelling years later, i live in H.K. permamently, so what is the link with you between HK and Sweden? are you from there?
    I live HK side where are you based?



  5. soulscooter says:

    Hi Rob,

    Cool, yes I’m from Sweden, use to have a scooter shop there since 1989 until I moved to Hong Kong.
    I’m based in NT.

    Will go back to our head office again on next Monday, after that back again in HK the 9th of December.


  6. Rob says:

    cheers will contact you sometime soon, been very busy and away for xmas/new year,




  7. Asep says:

    Hallo I’m from Lambretta club Indonesia in February 19/20/21/22 I go to hongkong. Hope we can meet you guys.
    Thanks a lots.
    Waiting for respon 🙂

  8. soulscooter says:

    Hi Asep,

    Very cool, let us try to meet up!
    FInd my email here: Please contact me

    What about 21/2?

    Kind Regards,

  9. Joe Lung says:

    Hi Calle,
    Nice to meet you master man 🙂
    Lambretta is my all time favourite scooter, and I finally own one yesterday. But its not really working in the moment. The previous owner told me that I might get help from Lambretta Club of HK. Hope that you are the one I am looking for. Thanks

    Best regards,

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