Behind the scenes, the new Vespa Seat base Mockup

We have since long wanted to make a sleek and racing look super fast Vespa Seat that does not look like a pork chop… So to do this, we first did a few tries in the computer, then in cardboard and last in metal. See the metal mockup here. The seat will be narrow, follow the frame, rear hinged for a racing look and super fast with its white piping. We plan to have the seat we call Vespa Jet Set Seat in stock in the first month of the next year.




Scooter adventure in Cambodia

At the Vietnam/Cambodian border


First petrol stop in Cambodia


Searching for wheel bearings in Phnom Penh
Read about the adventure here


Webmasters GP

Our webmasters GP is starting to come together. This Lambretta is a SIL GP 150 with a Mugello 186 engine and our Soulsnake exhaust. But we first we start with the body, please enjoy!






Need a brake?

Very rare find, original 1960’s Innocenti disc brake. We have a few of them and they might need some TLC before mounting. The disc brakes are in similar condition and the picture just show one of them. They are all complete and are checked for usefullness for renovating or if you are a die hard kid, you might get away with directly mounting it.


Closing up 2012

Is this the way to go in 2013? The  new Lambretta, a scooter auto with classic clothes? Well, we don´t bother with this, we will stick to classic and will bring you some more cool Soulscooter parts to your beloved Lambretta and Vespa classic scooter next year. Upcoming parts for the new year are the Vespa Jet Set seat for your Vespa VBB, Sprint etc as well as PX and Primmy and the semi hydralic  brake solution for your Lambretta. And we have some more ideas, will keep you posted! Next project in the workshop is our webmasters GP, plenty of Soulscooters parts on that one! More pictures will follow! Happy new year to all scooterists around the globe!


new one

The webmasters GP is back…

…from the painter in groovy yellow ochre!  We will start the new year with this scoot on the bench, watch out for updates!

IMAG0947 IMAG0948 IMAG0950

Merry scootmas!

We at Soulscooter wishes all our customers in Sweden, Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, ,Spain, UK, Australia, USA, Canada and of course all scooterists around the globe a wonderful christmas and a happy new scootering year!